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Welcome to Hipster! The Musical.

Hipster! The Musical is a feature-length musical-comedy all about fixed gear bikes, horn-rimmed glasses, and embracing who you really are…through song!

Dave is a shy guy who can’t bring himself to confess the love he has for his best friend Lily. But when she joins a cult of hipsters, Dave must embrace his inner irony for one last shot at Lily’s love. Dave finds himself at odds with the maniacally-sarcastic Salinger. Worse than that, Dave is at odds with himself. And only through song and dance (of 12 original tunes) will he muster the courage it takes for a happy ending.

With 10 original songs and a cast/crew exclusively from Denver, this small production packs satire, dance, and heady hipster dialogue into a tight, endearing package. It makes a statement about the our paradoxical counterculture, showing audiences that you should be yourself – and that it’s fun to sing along.

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Official Theatrical Trailer



‘Behind the Tight Jeans’: A “Making Of” Featurette!



Watch the Teaser Trailer!


Made over a year ago, it was made while the project was still in its infancy.

(P.S. Trivia! The hipster in the trailer? That’s Sam Golden – the genius behind the compositions in the trailer and the entire film’s original soundtrack.)